Our excellent lineup of carbide tip sawblade, jifsaw, reciprocating saw, and cutting machines for cutting composite materials

Almighty carbide tip saw blade suitable for thermosetting and thermoplastic CFRP cutting. Compared with conventional tip saws, it is extremely thin and small pitch design. Clean cutting surface without delamination can be obtained with both wet and dry cutting.

Carbide tip jigsaw blade and reciprocating saw blade specializing in cutting composite materials such as CFRP,regardless of material. It enables curvilinear cutting and provides a clean cut surface without delamination.


It is designed especially for the customers who emphasize cutting surface of thermosetting CFRP. Without delamination and fuzzing,it can be cut clearly.


Space-saving, CFRP and other flat plates can be cleanly and precisely cut.Free design is possible according to customer's cutting needs.AURORA and GALAXY were attached to realize dry cutting.